General Event Information

The Inaugural Jupiter lacrosse classic will be held May 4th and 5th, 2019 at the beautiful Jupiter Community Park and positioned as the Ultimate boys and girls lacrosse event in South. The event will be geared towards the player and family experience and a celebration of the sport of lacrosse in Florida. Highlights will include a combination of impeccable fields, elite level teams, well-trained officials, and best in class event management by Millon Events and JTAA lacrosse.

The smaller boutique style event will feature desirable game formats that look like true lacrosse games with quarters and timeouts rather than the standard running time and halves that the large tourney operators use for simplicity. Camaraderie and sportsmanship will be a heavy focus and the family experience will be second to none. The event will be open to boys and girls teams at HS JV, 14U, 12U, 10U and limited 8U and will feature only eight teams per age group.

Millon Event Management

Millon lacrosse was founded in 1994 and has run camps and tourneys throughout the eastern U.S. During that period over 26,000 young boys/girls have attended Millon events. 

A winning equation…passion and attention to detail.

Passion for lacrosse. Millon lacrosse was founded on a deep and true love for the sport of lacrosse. Our mission has always been about the customer, the experience, and the opportunity for revenues further down the ladder. This philosophy and differentiation have allowed MLE to maintain its strength in the lacrosse market for over 24 years.

The second part of the equation attention to detail has allowed Millon events to appear different to the standard event that is about the dollar only. We pride ourselves on the experience of our events and cross every t and dot every I with precision and focus.

Our current stable of tournaments is branded as boutique events where the focus on the family, player, coach experience and have a wide variety of grade brackets covered from 2022 down through 2026. In 2018 our events will reach 66 teams over four weekends of play.

Lacrosse Classic Highlights

  • Incredible venue and event management
  • Small event with game formats that mirror real lacrosse
  • Elite competition/small number of teams
  • Atmosphere that promotes family, camaraderie, sportsmanship
  • Beautiful location in Florida and great timing to kick off the summer locally

Elite Athletic Venue

Jupiter Community Park features a beautiful layout with numerous hotels in close proximity.  The park features 10 lighted lacrosse fields, and plenty of space for families to set up their tent villages.  Located less than 10 miles from the beach and the Jupiter inlet, there will be many attractions for families to check out throughout the weekend!

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