Weather Safety:

With the current forecast, it is expected to be extremely hot temperatures this weekend. As listed in our rules, our game times are 10-minute running quarters, with breaks between quarters and halftime, as well as 1 time out per game. This should help the players with the heat this weekend. Our number one goal is to keep all athletes healthy and safe throughout the weekend. If you see any of your players showing signs of heat stroke, we ask that you take all precautions necessary. Please bring extra water, gatorade, etc. Plan ahead, and begin the hydration process NOW.

Additional Action Plans for this weekend include:
1. Millon Events will be putting up tents on all sidelines for your players to stand under during games and we will supply a water jug on each field. PLEASE have your teams bring their own water to the field as well, this is auxillary water that is available when needed, but please plan to have your players have plenty of water themselves.
2. If we feel on-site we need to add an extra minute to breaks or shorten the games by a minute a quarter to better protect the athletes, we will do whatever is needed to protect your sons.
3. We have multiple Athletic Trainers onsite at both Blandair Park and Troy Park who will be able to assist with any and all medical issues.